Lacuna Lab

Lacuna Lab e.V. is a Berlin-based Non-Profit-Association founded in 2015. It consists of a multidisciplinary collective and studio, located in the heart of Kreuzberg. The mission is to promote cultural exchange and explore future visions by bringing together people from different backgrounds and professions and combining their skills and methodologies. Members of Lacuna Lab are active practitioners coming from arts, creative coding, interaction design, music, writing, technology and science.

The organisation is continuously welcoming the public to create moments and learning processes together, exploring new realities in terms of hybrid methodologies. The goals are to bridge fields of specialisation and explore future possibilities of collaboration, to evolve innovative practices, to envision the future and to generate new forms of art. We are partnering with many friends and organisations of our community to achieve these goals. Since 2020 Lacuna Lab e.V. is a member of the European Media Art Platform / European Media Artists In Residence Exchange.

From the beginning on, Lacuna Lab e.V. has been a habitat for collaboration and exchange on interactive, interdisciplinary artworks and participatory events, with activities such as exhibitions, workshops, meetups, and lectures. An artist-in-residence programme allows guests from partner organisations to temporarily work in the studio space and participate in the association’s activities. During COVID-19, we opened digital spaces for dialogue, to create opportunities for growth and discovery during these challenging circumstances.