Lacuna Lab is about

Lacuna Lab is an artist-run collaborative community and space in Kreuzberg. We are artists, designers, coders, musicians, and performers working at the intersections of art, technology and science. We are driven by imagination, playfulness, and experimentation. We love partnering with others on projects and collaborations, and sharing what we learn through public exhibitions, classes, and workshops.

Fri 27 Mar 2020

Workshop: AV Signal Processing & VGA Hacking

Studio W.Spahn
POSTPONED - Nam June Paik is known for manipulating a TV set with a magnet. One might think that after we abandoned monitor tubes the combination of TV and magnetism is gone as well. But similar techniques are still possible today by manipulating the signal flow between our devices.
Fri 31 Jan 2020

Fire is the air the poet breath(es)

Lacuna Lab
Exhibition & Audiovisual Performance in the context of transmediale Vorspiel 2020
Thu 5 Dec 2019

Video Circuits Berlin

Lacuna Lab
VCB is a community meet-up for anyone interested or curious about video circuitry, synthesis, visual coding, DIY electronics and tools. With presentations from: VanTa, Manolo Gamboa Naon + Ilu Vatar.