Arts & Hypnosis Workshop
14-07-2019 (Sunday) 17:00

The Arts & Hypnosis Workshop is back Berlin!

About the workshop:

In this workshop you will learn about hypnosis as a tool for art experimentation and production. Artists across disciplines have explored this mind-state to produce original artworks.

You will get an overview of what hypnosis is and Nahum will demystify the beliefs and stigmas around it. You will understand the basic differences in various trance states, the historical development of hypnosis, its different stages and the role of suggestion.

Afterwards we will review a series of artworks that have employed hypnosis. You can use these examples as case studies for developing your own experiment. We will make sure to provide an intimate and private space to let yourself drift away.

In the second part of the workshop Nahum will carry a group hypnosis session during which you will create your own artwork. These experiments could make use of movement, writing, drawing and sound, whatever you are most interested in. In the end, we will have a sharing round for you to talk about your experience.

For any questions about the workshop, feel free to contact us at


Since capacity is limited, make sure to book your tickets early.

Duration: 3 hours

Cost: 40€ , Early bird: 30 €

This workshop will explore hypnosis and art, however, it will not cover hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis is a safe practice but we advise to only attend if you feel physically and emotionally healthy on the day of the workshop.