AVE-MOD Workshop
26-11-2022 (Saturday) 13:00
Lacuna Lab - AVE-MOD Workshop

Hosted by Cinema AV

As an introduction to video distortion and analog glitch circuits, we will be building the now classic AVE-MOD circuit, a contemporary approach to circuit-bending, and building that is rather comprehensive and immediately gratifying.

The AVE-MOD is a circuit designed by Syntonie.fr, adapted from reverse-engineered Archer Video Enhancer schematics by Phil Baljiu. syntonie.fr also distributes a Eurorack adaption of this circuit as CVB001.

Cost of the workshop is 40EU and participants are asked to bring their own soldering iron, solder and tools. For stills, demo videos and more info, follow this link:

AVE-MOD Workshop Information

For questions or concerns, email evanh41@gmail.com with the subject "AVE-MOD VCB"