Comprehensive Thinkers for a Post-Anthropocene
19-02-2021 (Friday) 16:00

A talk by the artist-designer Fara Peluso showing how art and design can be mediators between science and the public to build a collective memory.

Fara Peluso’s works are placed at the interconnection between art, design and science, showing how a new way to design is already today possible through a speculative methodology.

A design made just for the human being perspective is replaced with a new practice which considers all living organisms too. A new way of living together, from new possible housing systems to something deeper and even symbiotic. Presenting her works Peluso shows how the artistic and the design practices can be the right mediators between science and public to build a collective memory of Anthropocene's effects, being ready for a step over towards a Post-Anthropocene and symbiotic existence.

The future can start to be shaped through the interest in biology not only from scientists but also from engineers, investors, artists and designers. All together for a common idea to change not the World but the way we are used to seeing it.

The event is part of Lacuna Lab's event series: Transmediale Vorspiel 2021 | Scattered Partners