Introduction to Creative Coding
06-08-2022 (Saturday) 10:30
Lacuna Lab - Introduction to Creative Coding

The workshop session will open out the basics of computational thinking and creative coding with p5js and shaders.

If you have been curious about creative coding or trying it on your own experiments with p5js, processing, or shaders and are ready for half a day of immersion, fun, experimentation, and laughter, please join us!

The half-day workshop will be led by ilithya and Computational Mama, where they will walk you through the basics of building simple interactive sketches with p5js and pixel shaders.

As a creative practitioner, the workshop is not about becoming a computational artist or a coder, but about incorporating computational mindsets and tools into your artistic practice.

Consider this a gateway drug into the wonderful world of creative coding!

What is p5js?

p5js is a JavaScript library for creative coding, with a focus on making coding accessible and inclusive for artists, designers, educators, beginners, and anyone else!

This half of the workshop will be led by Computational Mama. We'll explore and recreate artwork from South Asian Women Artists all through code. Focussing on works from the region, we will understand a bit about history and art and map our understanding onto quick digital computational works. We'll get our hands dirty with quick prototypes on p5js!

What are pixel shaders?

Pixel shaders, also known as fragment shaders, compute color and other attributes of each "fragment". They range from simply always outputting the same color, to applying a lighting value, to doing bump mapping, shadows, specular highlights, translucency, and other phenomena.

This half of the workshop will be led by ilithya. We’ll explore the RGB color model and create artworks inspired by abstract and geometric art through code and mathematics. We’ll have a visual understanding of how the usage of trigonometry equations and other math functions aid in drawing and adding motion to our sketches.


  • BYOL: A Windows, Mac, or Linux machine is required, with an updated version of the Chrome browser
  • Knowledge of coding principles is not required
  • Knowledge of mathematics is not required


10:30 - Doors Open
11:00 - P5js with Computational Mama
13:00 - Break
14:00 - Pixel Shaders with ilithya
16:00 - End (approx)

COVID Protocols:

  • We require all participants to bring proof of 2G vaccination
  • Masks are not mandatory, but optional

Code of Conduct:

We expect cooperation from all participants to help ensure a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for everybody, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and religion (or lack thereof).

All participants are required to agree to the Berlin CoC during this event.


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