Davide Prati – Algorithmic Botany Workshop
28-09-2018 (Friday) 08:00

The workshop »Algorithmic Botany Workshop« gives an overview on how to write programs that generate 3D forms of trees and flowers. It focuses on two topics, phyllotaxis and L-Systems; exploring these two topics, the participants will discover the simple and beautiful mathematics hidden in plants. The knowledge acquired in this workshop can be applied to design, illustration, 3D printing, 3D modelling & video games.


Friday SEPTEMBER 28th, 10 am to 5 pm

Bring your laptop with a recent version of Chrome or Firefox. Programming experience is not required, although it is recommended.

Davide Prati is a visual artist and interactive developer born in Italy and currently based in Berlin. Since 2015, he has been developing a collection of open-source software to draw plants and flowers in 2D and 3D. His research focuses on the implementation of primitive geometric forms in programming. In particular, he is interested in the forms suggesting the organic, such as animals, flowers or trees. The aim of this research is to explore human uncertainty in the recognition of the organic in the digital.