Gestural Instruments Workshop
04-06-2017 (Sunday) 11:00

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This workshop is all about how to make new instruments for music and visual art that have no knobs, buttons, sliders, or dials. How do you turn a series of hand gestures into a musical score, convert a dance sequence into a light show, or make an installation respond to people’s smiles? We will learn how to create these interactions and many others during the course of this workshop.


  • Cost: €35
  • Timing: 13:00-17:30 ++
  • Workshop leader: Gene Kogan
  • Bring: bring what you do! Your music/art software, your dance moves, your performative faculties. Or just your curiousity – we’ll have examples already setup.


Please RSVP at our event page Kindly direct any questions to Gene.

Full description + agenda

The workshop will contain no theory, lecture, or other sitting stuff. We’ll be making and moving quickly. It will be fun, practical, and collaborative. We will use software to control each other’s setups via the network, all of which will be provided in the beginning. Bring your Ableton sets, your Arduinos and Kinects, your Processing sketches, or just bring yourself and get ready to be a dancing guinea pig in a bunch of experimental sets.

We need:

  • dancers!
  • musicians!
  • creative technologists!
  • graphic and visual artists and designers!
  • enthusiastic guinea pigs!