In the Mood for Shaders - Workshop
14-04-2018 (Saturday) 09:00

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This workshop is for people interested in computer graphics who want to use the power provided by the computer’s GPU processor to play with, improve and maybe glitch their visuals.

Most environments like Processing, OpenFrameworks, three.js, Unity, Unreal, VVVV, Jitter, etc. come with default shaders which are often very basic or try to be realistic or behave nicely. But we can “fix” them :)

In this workshop we will write simple GLSL programs in a live coding environment, which means that you will immediately see the effect of any code you write, without having to reload or wait for programs to recompile. You will learn how shaders can be used for different purposes, some more practical and others more creative and experimental.

If you know how to use a variable, a for-loop and an if-statement, you know enough to enjoy the workshop :)

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Lacuna Lab Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44A 2.HH 1.OG 10999 Berlin