Mind Blind Pathetic Sublime : Explaining The Pathetic Sublime to An Axolotl Audience
16-02-2021 (Tuesday) 19:00

Five years since she presented the lecture-performance Mind Blind: Therapeutic Interventions for Human/NonHuman Communications for Transmediale Vorspiel 2016, artist Sarah Hermanutz revisits the problems of social cognition in this time of isolation and multiple intersecting crises.

While previously this performance played with the discomfort and tensions of an audience's physical presence made captive within the social conventions of an in-person lecture, in 2021 the human observers may only join remotely through Zoom. Within the gallery, the artist will livestream from her unvisitable installation environment. Seeking comfort, escape, and clarity amid the leaking infrastructures of our times, she will be using whatever tools at her disposal to finally help axolotls to understand the Pathetic Sublime.

Organised by Art Laboratory Berlin in cooperation with Lacuna Lab.

The event is part of Lacuna Lab's event series: Transmediale Vorspiel 2021 | Scattered Partners