"Burying a Vow": a night of screenings presented by Ruego
22-10-2022 (Saturday) 19:00
Lacuna Lab - "Burying a Vow": a night of screenings presented by Ruego

Ruego presents: "Burying a Vow", a night of screenings with:

Tristan Newcomb

"The message was delivered and left at our front door, just like every Tuesday. And as I bent down to pick it up, I felt a chill flashing down my spine. To my surprise, inside the parcel was a vast assortment of carefully labelled clips, along with very detailed (albeit confusing) instructions on how to assemble them to form a specific result we could not yet clearly envision."

"Among the documents Ruego received were recollections of essential encounters, and at times we were left staring at truly puzzling pieces. Try, as we may, to honour the creators by showcasing their experiences, sometimes we take liberties to recompose them in a way that seems fitting to the interest of our congregation. Tis not the case this time, since the instructions would not allow us to sequence the content in another way without incurring a moral crime."

Please join us for a screening session featuring tales by Andor and Tristan Newcomb.

22.10.2022, 7 PM
Lacuna Lab, Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44A, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Cheap hard and soft drinks will be available.
Entry by donation.



Tristan Newcomb