Science Salon #001
07-05-2017 (Sunday) 16:30

Signal Chains as Stimulus Artifacts

Is the art we make and culture we build simply an evocation of ancestral memories? What is the basal thread running through our creative inspirations… are they just entangled solutions ingrained biologically since before language? How have our experiences been changed by the technologies operating on symbolic representations of this world around us? All material suffers entropy but is all data lost with it?

// Bio

Nathan John Thompson explores the possibilities of man/machine interaction, mechanical sentience and the hidden creative corners that arise from these relationships. He is currently Artist in Residence at SymbioticA (Western Australia) on a research grant from Australia Council for the Arts – researching new technologies in human based IP Stem Cell and Soft-Robotics.

// Science Salon

The Lacuna Science Salon is an irregular event series for friends organised by Lacunians Lucy Patterson and Eugene Kogan – informal, accessible, and open to different topics: contemporary research, art-science, DIY science, science policy, history of science…

18:30 Doors

19:00 Talk starts

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