Serious Sparkles. An Inquiry into Artificial Stupidity
10-02-2017 (Friday) 12:00

Lacuna Lab presents a two-day exhibition of interactive artworks, with a performance and talk on each evening. Serious Sparkles.

Exhibition 10.02 – 11.02.

An Inquiry into Artificial Stupidity explores our current state of willful ignorance in the post-fact era. In this state reality and fabrication blur into one another and sparkly treats provide welcome distractions. Visitors are invited to explore an elusive physical and digital snapshot of our ever-shifting collaborative activities across a range of tools and methods such as robotics, audio-visual performance, generative art and machine learning.

Participating Artists

Nayeli Vega, Thomas Heidtmann, Sarah Hermanutz, Marcel Schwittlick, Ramin Soleymani, Jemma Woolmore, Gene Kogan, Peter Kolski, Nenad Popov, James Kneafsey, Thomas O’Reilly

Performance 10.02.

Sarah Hermanutz and Nenad Popov will debut their new audio-visual performance collaboration. In “Live Decomposition”, inspiration is drawn from the sights, sounds, and textures of wetlands, where life and death mingle in swampy, sparkling layers of sensation.

20:00 - Nenad Popov & Sarah Hermanutz - Live Decomposition

Talks 11.02.

Lacuna Lab presents an evening of talks with Yvonne Reiners, curator, and founder of Performing Encounters, and Nick Houde, PhD candidate at the EGS and research associate for the Technosphere project at HKW. Themes in the exhibit “Serious Sparkles“ will be considered from the perspective of each speaker’s own curatorial and philosophical research. Reiners will discuss self-empowerment and human-machine interactions within the current media environment of fake news and memes, while Houde shares his analysis about the future of meaning and general intelligence in cultural production in relation to science, art, and fiction.

19:00 - Yvonne Reiners (Performing Encounters)

19:45 - Nick Houde (PhD EGS, Researcher at HKW)

Opening hours

Fri 10th from 18:00 to 23:00 pm

Sat 11th from 13:00 to 23:00 pm

Lacuna Lab

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 44A

2.HH 1.OG

10999 Berlin

Lacuna Lab is about collaboration. We mix logic and beauty to create interactive works for us and for you. We are driven by imagination, playfulness, and experimentation. We love partnering with others on projects and collaborations, and sharing what we learn through public exhibitions, classes, and workshops.

This exhibition is part of the official Transmediale 2017 Vorspiel