two_comparator_effect Workshop
16-07-2022 (Saturday) 13:00 until 16-07 20:00
Lacuna Lab - two_comparator_effect Workshop
Video Circuits Berlin & present

intro to diy video circuits - build your own two_comparator_effect w/ cyberboy666

this workshop is perfect for anyone interested in getting started with diy video instruments - no soldering experience or background theory needed ! during the workshop we will solder a simple stand-alone analog video effect unit and discuss what is analog video and how the circuit works. the price of the components is included in the ticket - bring your own soldering iron if you have one

The two_comparator_effect circuit is a black and white posterization effect producing high contrast differentiation over incoming signal. The design is based off an educational example created by Rob Schafer and made into an open source DIY project by cyberboy666 with help from the scanlines community - find more info and a demo video for this project at:

you can email me if you have any questions