Vorspiel – Codescapes / Fully-Automated Luxury / Orbital Resonance
03-01-2019 (Thursday) 18:30


For Transmediale’s Vorspiel program 2019 Lacuna Lab present 3 audio-visual performances by RGGTRN, Autr / Nenad Popov, and Régis Lemberthe.


Codescapes is an A/V performance by the collective RGGTRN that takes into account the sound and visual context of Berlin. The performance experiments with technologies such as Orbit - an OpenFramework + SuperCollider live coding tool developed by RGGTRN. Through their performance, the collective aim to achieve an integrated aesthetic where audio and visual technologies melt into one.

RGGTRN (pronounced reɣɣaeˈtɾon) started as an electroacoustic and mixed music duo founded in 2012 in Mexico City. However, they have evolved into a collective that engages in algorithmic dance music and audiovisual improvisation informed by the Latinx context of its members.

Fully-Automated Luxury

Fully-Automated Luxury Cosmism is a collaborative audio-visual performance between Nenad Popov (sound) and Gilbert Sinnott / Autr (video). Through synaesthetic improvisation of hacked and repurposed analogue video equipment, synthesisers and electronics, a gestalt psychedelic journey emerges.

Orbital Resonance

French artist Régis Lemberthe merges moving analog sounds and digital images into an impressionist patchwork, capturing and amplifying natural processes, vibrations and electromagnetic interferences, and feeding the result into itself until it gives birth to a unique live piece.

RGGTRN: https://rggtrn.github.io

Gilbert Sinnott / Autr: https://autr.tv

Nenad Popov: http://morphogenesis.eu

Régis Lemberthe: http://lemberthe.com


Wednesday 30-01-19, 7pm

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/561950717614203/