Workshop: AV Signal Processing & VGA Hacking
27-03-2020 (Friday) 10:00


Due to the global coronavirus situation the workshop is postponed til further notice. Stay safe!

Nam June Paik is known for manipulating a TV set with a magnet. One might think that after we abandoned monitor tubes the combination of TV and magnetism is gone as well. But similar techniques are still possible today by manipulating the signal flow between our devices, like in between a laptop and a monitor.

The fact that most signals used to communicate between devices via wires are based on electric current and that allows for easy hacking. For example one can manipulate the VGA video signal with coils and magnetic fields. The signal being similar to sound signals makes for an easy transfer to sound and vice versa. One can make a video signal hearable and display an audio signal on a monitor.

In the workshop every participant will build a Experimental VGA Processor that allows easy access to VGA signals and is able to mix all kind of signals.

With that we will process VGA and audio signals. We will learn the basic about the VGA standard and how to manipulate, mix and make these signals audible, but also how to amplifier, delay, blur and invert VGA video signals.

Workshop Fee: 90€ + Material 30€

Registration via online form or via mail: post(at)