XR Jam Session: Melting Realities with STYLY
10-10-2022 (Monday) 18:00
Lacuna Lab - XR Jam Session: Melting Realities with STYLY

Lead by Mohsen Hazrati and co-presented by STYLY Global x Radiance VR x Virtual Reality BB We invite you to meet up on October 10th from 6pm onward, bring your laptop and some creative ideas for an XR Jam Session using the STYLY Studio.

We will introduce you to the STYLY Studio, and the concept “Melting Realities” for the upcoming NEWVIEW Awards. Bring your 3D models, Blender exports, Unity Landscapes etc and get ready to publish some new interactive XR. We will show off the STYLY plugins, and easy animator feature “Modifiers”

We want a chance to see each other and hang out :) Snacks and drinks will be provided