Fara Peluso

Fara Peluso is a Berlin based artist - designer. She is graduated in industrial design at University Architecture 'La Sapienza' in Rome and as graphic designer. Through the speculative research she plays how to connect the human being with nature, living organisms and biological processes in a deeper relationship. Constantly researching and taking inspiration from elements present in Nature, she believes that it’s a great Strategy for Design. The relationship between the human being and its environment is observed and the concept that we are the most important living organisms on earth is cancelled. Fara Peluso wants to contribute to raise critical questions considering it a role belonging to artists and designers, she asks how the design of new tools trough a speculative methodology can be applied in this way. Fictional artifacts that tell the story of a possible future scenario about the quality our lifes, attitudes and choices. As artist designer with a strong interest on Biology, Fara Peluso pursues her deep research on algae taking constantly inspiration from them, experimenting and understanding how to work with them inside the Art and Design field. Her work is focused on both the material and the procedural aspects, investigating through a speculative methodology possible closer relationships between human beings and algae.