Jemma Woolmore

Blurring the boundaries between real and virtual, Jemma’s work explores the spatial and emotional possibilities of light and image in performative environments.

Hailing from New Zealand where she completed her Fine Arts degree, Jemma has made a unique path, weaving between the visual arts and electronic music scenes. Spanning audio-visual performance, installation and bespoke visual and sculptural design, her work shows a strong sensitivity for combining light, sound and structure.

Often working in immersive and large scale multi-screen environments, she carefully crafts abstract textural landscapes that fluctuate ambiguously in scale between the micro and macro, responding intuitively with sound and environment.

Inspired by naturally occurring patterns, and imbued with a sense of science fiction otherworldliness, Jemma’s work uses recurring symbols to interrogate the fragile boundary between Utopia and Dystopia.

In Berlin Jemma is a curator for Scope Sessions Artist Talks and Media Salon and works as a member of Lacuna Lab.