Nuño de la Serna
Lacuna Lab - Nuño de la Serna

<p>Nuño de la Serna Vicente is a Spanish Berlin-based media artist.</p><p>Born in Soria, Spain in 1992 he grew up constantly moving between cities. This nomadic lifestyle gave him an eclectic character that influences his work.</p><p>Mixing multiple art disciplines with inventive ways of using technology, Nuño tries to improve the coexistence between humans and technology. His creative process acknowledges the importance of the fair use of resources and free access to information. Nuño creates artworks that are born from fundamental innocent curiosity and resonate with complex contemporary issues.<br></p><p>In 2017, he started his career as self employed artist and focused on building communities for independent artists, free thinkers, engineers and scientists. He is currently member co-organizer of the Creative Code Berlin and founder of the / niːviːili / art platform.<br></p><p>Self-taught artist and engineer, Nuño acknowledges the importance of the free access to information and supports the free software movement.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>